Is your gym for Pro Fighters Only?

In fact, the majority of our membership is made up of kids, teens and adults who train in our programs. All classes on the schedule are open to all members, from beginners to pros. Our Pro Fighters have a separate training time that is invite only.

What age do you start training children?

We start training kids as young as 5 years of age. We may take kids at the age of 4 but it depends on their ability to handle the class.

What are your membership rates?

We prefer you come in, or call for an appointment. We will be happy to give you a free no-hassle tour of our 6,000 sq. ft. academy, as well as go over the programs and membership options that best fit your needs.
Our membership rates are very reasonable and affordable to all. We also offer family plans, as well as military discounts on registration fees.

Do you have a trial period to check out your classes?

Yes, we do! We offer a 1-week trial for $20.00 per person that gives you access to all the classes on the schedule.
This is a great way to check out the classes prior to making a commitment.
Please Note: For local residents and first time customers only.

Who are your instructors and what are their credentials?

All of our instructors are highly credentialed in their respective art. Our striking and grappling instructors are highly qualified, with many years of coaching and real-time experience in high level pro boxing and MMA organizations. Another benefit is our instructors are full-time, with multiple instructors on the mat per class.

How can I get started?

We make the sign-up process very easy. You can stop in anytime we are open and if you want to take a class that day just come in 15 minutes before so you have time to sign the liability waiver and pay the $20 Trial Week fee.
Our Hours of Operation are:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am-12pm & 4pm-9pm
Tuesday and Thursday 6am-12pm & 4pm-9pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
P. 719.231.4885
Our membership rates are very reasonable and affordable to all. We also offer family plans, as well as military discounts on registration fees.

What can I expect my first day of class?

We suggest arriving approximately 10-15 minutes before your class starts. The class will start off with a basic warm-up, basic drills, new techniques, and then either burn out session or open flow sparring. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

I’m visiting from out of town. Can I train at your gym?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome all visitors, no matter your gym affiliation.
Our drop-in rates to train in our adult classes are:
Daily $15
Weekly $50
Monthly $200
*Rates include: classes, weights, cardio equipment and fitness classes. Pro Sparring is only after meeting with one of the coaches.

Benefits of training at Victory MMA and Hustle Hard Boxing?

• World Class Instruction – I can’t stress enough the level of instruction and training you will receive here at the academy.
• Structured Curriculum For All Classes.
• Realistic Training – Self Defense.
• Flexible Class Schedule – Offering More Classes Than Any Other Academy.
• Increased Self-Confidence and Stress Relief.
• Burn Calories and Lose Weight.
• Increase Flexibility and Core Strength.
• A Proven Track Record of Success In ALL Our Programs.
• Access to knowledgeable and highly credentialed instructors.
• Clean training environment
• Family friendly
• Be Part of a Winning Team!